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Travel Agents

Travel agencies in Singapore.
Name Contact No.
SA Tours  65352611    
Five Stars Tours Pte Ltd  62947011    
  Five Stars Tours Pte Ltd  65337011
  Five Stars Tours Pte Ltd  63920711
  Five Stars Tours Pte Ltd  62667011
  Five Stars Tours Pte Ltd  67817011
Farmosa Holiday Tour S'pore Pte Ltd  [CE]  6720 1634    
Thomas Cook Travel Services (S) Pte Ltd  65350111    
CTC Holidays  65320532    
Hong Thai Travel Services (S) Pte Ltd  65323223    
Ananda Travel (Singapore) Pte Ltd  67326998    
Chan Bros Travel (Pte) Ltd  65357766    
Focal Travel Pte Ltd  65353433    
707 Travel Services (Pte) Ltd  62963707    
TM Fouzy Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  62948044    
Genting Holiday Pte Ltd  64671677    
Asiana Airlines  62253733    
Auto Batam Ferries & Tours Pte Ltd  62714866    
New Shan Travel Service Pte Ltd  62219333    
TVI Holidays Pte Ltd    [CE]  65332533    
H I S International Travel Pte Ltd  62241512    
Dynasty Travel Int'l Pte Ltd  63384455    
Commonwealth Travel Service Corporation Pte Ltd  65320532    
Gunung Raya Travel Pte Ltd  62947711    
Tradewinds Tours & Travel Pte Ltd  [CE]  64192222    
Century Travel Service Pte Ltd  65380488    
Al Firdaus Travels Pte Ltd  62972246    
Seiki Travel Pte Ltd  62769009    
Sha Travel & Tour Pte Ltd  62932309    
Euro-Asia Holidays Pte Ltd  63399133    
Azza Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  62927110    
Chariot Travel Pte Ltd  [CE]  6334 0255    
C & E Holidays Pte Ltd  62957117    
Newsman Travel Pte Ltd  62260606    
Holiday Tours & Travel Pte Ltd  67347091    
Faith Tours & Travel Pte Ltd  63482722    
Luxury Tours & Travel Pte Ltd  [CE]  67332808    
Sunny Holidays Pte Ltd  63345545    
Singa China Travel Service Pte Ltd  65322538    
Fortune Travel Pte Ltd  67387848    
Comet Travel Pte Ltd  65383181    
Giamso Int'l Tours Pte Ltd  65341010    
American Lloyd Travel Services Pte Ltd  67378777    
China Express Travel (S) Pte Ltd  65345228    
Sun-Gee Travel Pte Ltd  62260561    
Reliance Travel Agencies (S) Pte Ltd  63384301    
Holidex Tours & Travels (Suntec City)  6828 9000    
Sime Travel (S) Pte Ltd  62977922    
Universal Travel Corpn Pte Ltd  65355577    
Resorts Travel Pte Ltd  65340300    
An-An Travel & Tour Pte Ltd  65342128    
Alkanaah International Tours & Travel (Pte) Ltd+C2  62231220    
Skyway Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  62263177    
Tunas (Pte) Ltd  62201933    
Noor Mohd Services (City Plaza)  67435321    
786 Look Holidays Pte Ltd  [CE]  67343507    
New Century Tours Corporation Pte Ltd  62752866    
GBC Pte Ltd  63393233    
A. B. Mohamed Travel & Tours Pte. Ltd.  62975042    
Aero Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  62955655    
Travelways Pte Ltd  67351544    
Fairworld Travel Pte Ltd  65387778    
Halijah Travels Pte Ltd  62949676    
Diners World Travel Pte Ltd  62925522    
SH Tours Pte Ltd  67349923    
Experience Tours Services (S) Pte Ltd  62271665    
RMG Tours Pte Ltd  62201661    
A & J Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  62358468    
Worldwide Aviation Sales Pte Ltd  62205166    
Super Travels Pte Ltd  63923392    
Airelated Travel Services Pte Ltd  65325686    
ABC Travel Service  67374563    
Star Cruises  67339766    
GS Travel Pte Ltd  62997711    
Bintan Resort Management Pte Ltd  63391368    
Century Holidays Pte Ltd  65351400    
Galaxy Tours & Travel Pte Ltd  64402502    
Anglo-French Travel Pte Ltd  62224222    
Rokiah Holidays Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  67455440    
Eng Seng Travel Service Pte Ltd  65326988    
Kent Holidays (S) Pte Ltd  65341033    
Eurotours & Travel Pte Ltd  63392222    
Lotus Travel (1986) Pte Ltd  63366333    
Air Express Travel & Services Pte Ltd  62277122    
Splendour Holidays Pte Ltd  65339918    
Big S' Holiday Pte Ltd  63381333    
Airlink Tours & Travel Pte Ltd  63384226    
Farman Travel Agency Pte Ltd  63397737    
Creative Tours (S) Pte Ltd  62228465    
Connection Tours & Travel Pte Ltd  64382768    
Wann Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  62961495    
Global Travel Pte Ltd  62262866    
Fascinating Holidays Pte Ltd  67355511    
Worldwide Honey Tours Pte Ltd  67382995    
Airpower Travel Pte Ltd  62941495    
Classic Travel Pte Ltd  65380993    
Gateway Travel Pte Ltd  62211855    
Asia E-Travel Pte Ltd  65350089    
Josco Travel & Tading Pte Ltd  62995776    
Chan's World Travel Corpn Pte Ltd  65341340    
Discover The World Marketing Pte Ltd  62986957    
Genting Int'l (S) Pte Ltd  [CE]  67342735    
Star City Tours Pte Ltd  62947842    
Ambassador Tours & Travel Pte Ltd  63395556    
Enjoy Holiday Tour Pte Ltd  65331112    
A B Mohd Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  62975041    
Bibi & Kaiser Travel Services Pte Ltd  62359921    
Mandarin World Holidays Pte Ltd  62701128    
Holidex Tampines Holiday Store  6788 9588    
Centour Travel & Tdg (S) Pte Ltd  63443492    
Best Travel Pte Ltd  63451611    
Archipelago Travel Service (Pte) Ltd  62353339    
Sunbright Travel Pte Ltd  67322271    
Fair Sky Travel (Pte) Ltd  63399330    
Broadway Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  67320990    
Batam View Pte Ltd  67323333    
Al Travesque (S) Pte Ltd  62266701    
As-Safa Tours & Travel (S) Pte Ltd  62990335    
Centre Point Tours & Travel Pte Ltd  62962721    
PTS Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  62972793    
Country Holidays Travel Pte Ltd  63346120    
East Asia Travel Corporation Pte Ltd  63955395    
B & L Travel Pte Ltd  63396383    
Ambience Holidays Pte Ltd  62933622    
Purajaya Beach Resort Agency Pte Ltd  65345515    
Yusen Travel (S) Pte Ltd  67321511    
American Tourist Service (Singapore) Private Limit  63380161    
IBS Travel Pte Ltd  62358688    
Travel Haven Pte Ltd  64633800    
Admiral Travel Pte Ltd  67329095    
Venus Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  63375188    
NS Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  65342228    
Safe & Mansfield Travel Group Pte Ltd  62208833    
Apex Travel Pte Ltd  63361066    
Turi Beach Resort Agency Pte Ltd (Merchant Rd)  64380321    
Alphaland Travel Services Pte Ltd  63330381    
Almukarramah Travel Pte Ltd  67543500    
Jet Win Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  67415348    
ASL Travel Group Pte Ltd  62788822    
Gasi Holidays Pte Ltd  67355890    
Cupid Travels (Pte) Ltd  62353107    
Yoona Travel Pte Ltd  62206308    
Scenic Travel Pte Ltd  62263611    
Ganesh Travel Service  62213744    
Berjaya Hotels & Resorts (S) Pte Ltd  62273688    
Travel Bug  62224996    
Discovery Tours & Travel Pte Ltd  67334333    
Ideal Holidays Pte Ltd  65385855    
Asiaworld Travel & Educational Tour Pte Ltd  62553337    
Nansei Tour Centre (S) Pte Ltd  63386477    
Vacation Planners Pte Ltd  67320066    
Orient Network (S) Pte Ltd  63397711    
Al-Ras Travels & Tours Pte Ltd  63379909    
CCT Tours S'pore Pte Ltd      
Planet Travel Pte Ltd  67521770    
Eastwind Organisation (Pte) Ltd  65333432    
Royal Caribbean Int'l  63926392    
Elite Travel Agency Pte Ltd  67350777    
Anta Holidays Pte Ltd  65366966    
Wonderland Holidays Pte Ltd  63232981    
Silk Travel Pte Ltd  62969989    
International Paradise Connexions Tours & Travels  63385772    
Green Island Tours (S) Pte Ltd  62242112    
AT Travel Agency Pte Ltd  62554488    
Trident Travels Ltd  62789000    
World Vision Travel Pte Ltd  68875255    
Naga United Travel Pte Ltd  63342210    
Easyway Travel Services Pte Ltd  65353976    
Eagleair Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  62358903    
Associated Tours (S) Pte Ltd  62357222    
New Wind Travel Pte Ltd  64384388    
Harharah Travel Pte Ltd  63372633    
Amber Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  63551312    
Eureka Travel Pte Ltd  64625077    
Worldrich Travel Pte Ltd  62226261    
Beijing Air Travel Singapore Pte Ltd  63546623    
Wei Xing Travel Pte Ltd  62262133    
P & O Garden City Travel Pte Ltd  62247730    
Diamond Tours (S) Pte Ltd  62355050    
Kindly Travel Services Pte Ltd  65326220    
Delta Tours Pte Ltd  63376833    
G C Nanda & Sons Pte Ltd  62202020    
Fastwind Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  65341660    
Shin Kaigai Travel Service Pte Ltd  67348879    
Pearls International & Tours Pte Ltd  62975556    
Sebana Resort Pte Ltd  63333363    
Geo Nankai Travel Pte Ltd  67350800    
Tabix Japan (Singapore) Pte Ltd  65388966    
Econ Holidays Pte Ltd  62613218    
Golden Bridge Travel Pte Ltd  65367718    
Citystate Ardent Travel Pte Ltd  62221228    
Carlson Wagonlit Travel  62202228    
Flying Eagle Travel (S) Pte Ltd  65333633    
Friendship Travel Agency Pte Ltd  62981811    
Sung Hsien Travel Pte Ltd  65388053    
Conference & Travel Management Associates Pte Ltd  62998992    
Atrium Travel Pte Ltd  65369282    
Crystal Travel Pte Ltd  63246623    
East West Executive Travellers Pte Ltd  64386722    
Pacific World Destination Management (S) Pte Ltd  62910288    
Crest Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  63379189    
Hock Travel Pte Ltd  62752265    
Tour East Singapore (1996) Pte Ltd      
Ever Holidays Pte Ltd  62971888    
Suriaya Travels & Tours  62960123    
Corporate Travel Services Pte Ltd  63380922    
Centre Wind Travel (Pte) Ltd  65327777    
Golden Line Express Pte Ltd  63421022    
Channel Holidays Pte Ltd  62702228    
Tour Well (Wonderful) Pte Ltd (Albert Complex)  63395390    
Mawangi Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  62921330    
Flash Travel & Excursion Coach Services Pte Ltd  68444525    
Contact Travel Pte Ltd  63340532    
Global Marine Travel Services Pte Ltd  62949377    
Ericson Travel Pte Ltd  62991588    
Tai Ming Travel  62248626    
Celebrity Cruises  63926392    
Regal Travel Pte Ltd  63386105    
Flamingo Travel Pte Ltd  62945555    
Frederick's Travels & Tours Pte Ltd  62979074    
Headline Travel Marketing Pte Ltd  63448087    
Singapore Sightseeing Tour East Pte Ltd  63323755    
Beauty Holidays Pte Ltd  65356686    
Escapades Pte Ltd  63340548    
Tat Leong Travel Pte Ltd  67340566    
Blue Star Car Rentals & Tours Pte Ltd  62534661    
Cruise World Marketing Pte Ltd  68870366    
Holyland Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  63370051    
Travel Connections Pte Ltd  63233788    
Dai Nippon Travel (S) Pte Ltd  63377218    
Chang Jiang Travel Pte Ltd  62938133    
Double King Tours Pte Ltd  62922222    
Continent Five Travels Pte Ltd  63377777    
Esquire Tours & Travel Pte Ltd  63398355    
ECAC Tours & Adventure Travels Pte Ltd  63368353    
Delight Holidays Pte Ltd  67565766    
Expotour Pte Ltd  63330555    
Shiko Travel Private Limited  65355600    
Care Tours & Travel Pte Ltd  63386660    
U & I Travel & Tours (S) Pte Ltd  63399346    
Cross Road Tours & Travel Pte Ltd  63392038    
Santa Holidays Pte Ltd  62928800    
Dorison Travel (Pte) Ltd  68363833    
Europe Bound Tours Pte Ltd  63377081    
Hua Thye Chan Travel Pte Ltd  65341421    
E R M Travel Services (S) Pte Ltd  67388885    
CIEE Travel Pte Ltd  67340001    
Delmon Travels (Pte) Ltd  63385203    
Elmar Int'l Travel Pte Ltd  62213088    
Dalton Holidays Pte Ltd  62212218    
Hotel Airlines Services  67340131    
Club Med Finance B V S'pore Branch  67354111    
Radiant Travel Tour Pte Ltd  62350780    
Future Tours Pte Ltd  67330555    
Travelwell Pte Ltd  63373200    
Bravo Holiday Pte Ltd  62993988    
Excel Travel Services  67379231    
D H Travel Pte Ltd  62532011    
Citicenter Travels & Coach Tour Pte Ltd  67376512    
Travellers Delight (Singapore) Pte Ltd  63236967    
Combined Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  64381191    
Forward Travel Pte Ltd  63489119    
Cleo Travel Management Services Pte Ltd  62941022    
Travel Quest Pte Ltd  67363698    
Riau Resort Pte Ltd  63375188    
Amsen Educational Tours Pte Ltd  62353337    
Eastern Holiday Services & Supplies Pte Ltd  62360168    
Lemingsway Holidays Pte Ltd  65320708    
Aviation Services Pte Ltd  62262811    
GE Express Pte Ltd  63392893    
Omanni World Tours Pte Ltd  68370515    
Everlink Travel Service Pte Ltd  63242744    
First Asia Leisure Pte Ltd  67387970    
Whitesand Vacations Pte Ltd  63459131    
Travelnet Pte Ltd  67897779    
Charles Travel Pte Ltd  67386588    
Careways Travel & Tour  63375071    
SDA Dive Travel Pte Ltd  62265187    
Man Tour (S)  62727557    
Warita Express & Tours Pte Ltd  62581391    
Matrolink Travel & Tours Pte Ltd  63540900    
We Travel Pte Ltd  62936233    
Welcomes Holidays & Travels Pte Ltd  65355488    
UKA Express Pte Ltd  63397051    
Sinba Travel Pte Ltd  65383336    
Future Tours Pte Ltd  67330555    
Travel-Trend Pte Ltd  62352019    
ATS Car Rentals & Tours Pte Ltd  67380003    

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