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Insurance Companies

Name Contact No.
Great Eastern Life  1800-248-2888    
AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd  (65) 1800 8804 741    
Prudential Assurance Company Singapore Pte Ltd  1800-3330333    
John Hancock Life Assurance Co Ltd  65383333    
American International Group, Inc  63225000    
Ace Insurance Ltd  62988955    
Federal Insurance Company  63338113    
Anda Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd  65342288    
Asia Insurance Co Ltd  62243181    
NTUC Income  63363322    
India International Insurance Pte Ltd  62238122    
Charles Taylor Mutual Management (Asia) Pte Ltd  62211060    
American International Assurance Co Ltd  1800-2996888    
HSBC Insurance Ltd  65380880    
ING Gerenal Insurance International N V  65323034    
Insure Shop Insurance Agency Pte Ltd  65522133    
David Ong & Co Pte Ltd  63460392    
First Capital Insurance Ltd  62222311    
CGU Asia Pte Ltd  65368211    
Oversea Union Insurance Limited  62251133    
Hua Lian Agencies Pte Ltd  65612722    
FM Insurance Co Ltd  62505588    
International Testing Co Pte Ltd  67552838    
AXA Life Insurance (S) Pte Ltd  1800-3254462    
Insureasia Agency  65334002    
Jardine Lloyd Thompson Asia Pte Ltd  63336311    
AIU (S) Pte Ltd  62256411    
Allianz AG  62978801    
Chubb Pacific Underwriting Management Services Pte  63336369    
Bradstock Suntek Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd  62245211    
Equatorial Reinsurance (S) Ltd  62239433    
Golden Prime Insurance Agency  65454450    
A&A Life Planners  63376575    
Folksam International Insurance Co Ltd  62262622    
Mitsui Marine & Fire Insurance (Asia) Pte Ltd  63373133    
Anthony Fong & Associates Pte Ltd  62767383    
CGU International Insurance Plc  62271181    
Allink Insurancs Agency  65674722    
Everest Reinsurance Co  65351121    
Cosmic Insurance Corpn Ltd  63387633    
Boustead Services Pte Ltd  67436080    
Chessa Marketing & Services  68484164    
Gideon Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd  62277133    
Chubb Pacific Underwriting Management Services Pte  63336538    
Aon Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd  64381407    
American Home Assurance Co  63225000    
Abundant Life Planners Pte Ltd  62728563    
J B Boda & Co (S) Pte Ltd  62240977    
JG Motor Agency  67479015    
Daglen Insurance Agency  68370010    
Eastern Insurance Agency Pte Ltd  65385366    
Acclaim Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd  62242455    
Citystate Management Group Holdings Pte Ltd  63236916    
Ecics Credit Insurance Ltd  63374779    
Jardine Thompson Graham Asia Pte Ltd  63336006    
Alexandra Forbes (S) Pte Ltd  62211288    
Darren Tan & Associates  62230778    
Evervit Trading (Pte) Ltd  62923000    
H Team (Insurance Broker) Pte Ltd  63394444    
Able Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd  67474333    
Genlife Insurance Agency (S) Pte Ltd  62238808    
Dyxlar (S) Pte Ltd  62272209    
AB Lim & Sons Enterprises  62722277    
Copper Gay (Asia) Pte Ltd  533150    
China Insurance Co Ltd  62222366    
General & Marine Brokers Pte Ltd  62209266    
Danny Lim Kim Hua Insurance Agency  68916198    
E Tay Trading Co  62946996    
Insline Insurance Agency  62222180    
Daniel Yow & Associates  63485772    
Galaxy Underwriting Agency Pte Ltd  62228737    
Danny Lim Kim Hua Insurance Agency  67625225    
Enteey Enterprise Pte Ltd  62356066    
Charles Loh Agency Pte Ltd  62201080    
Ins-Rate Agency  62842229    
Conrad & Sons Services Pte Ltd  67382040    
BMC Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd  62249604    
Far Eastern Insurance Agency  67487458    
Inspro Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd  65383883    
Gim's Insurance Agency Pte Ltd  62529022    
HSBC Gibbs S'pore Pte Ltd  65355766    
JP Alpha Agency  64840461    
Insmart (Insurance) Agency Pte Ltd  68420766    
Duncanson & Holt Asia Pte Ltd  62275587    
Albert Tan & Associates Agency Pte Ltd  63442508    
Insurite Pte Ltd  63363188    
ISB Asia/Pacific Pte Ltd  67323358    
Allrisks Insurance Reinsurance Brokers Pte Ltd  62210713    
Haffina Reinsurance Pte Ltd  64383318    
Dowa Fire & Marine Insurance Co Pte Ltd  62209881    
Inter Partner Assistance  62351531    
Chiyoda Fire & Marine Insurance Co Ltd  62246759    
Jin-Shi Enterprise Pte Ltd  64678380    
Hamswood Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd  63394298    
Kemper International Insurance Company Pte Ltd  68369120    
Goh Peng Leong Agency  62953382    
Jordan Huebner (Asia) Pte Ltd  63379066    
Alexandra & Alexandra (Asia) Holdings Pte Ltd  65367824    
Alfa-Mega Associates Pte Ltd  62753336    
Haipa International  62972038    
Agnes Lim & Associates Pte Ltd  62763011    
Agent Boustead Services Pte Ltd  67436080    
Federal Insurance Co  63338113    
First Principal Financial Planning Pte Ltd  62205333    
Francis Chiam & Associates  68429060    
Goodyear General Insurance Agency  62930228    
Citystate Management Group Holdings Pte Ltd  62246435    
Hegbon Enterprises Pte Ltd  64689171    
Jimmy Tan Insurance Agency Pte Ltd  63236431    
Genfield Insurance Agency  64491012    
JL Assurance Agency  67417235    
Han Seng Kheng  67333276    
ETS Insurancs Agency  62478664    
Cowell Marketing & Insurance Agency  63392592    
Insuance Matters Agency Pte Ltd  62366800    
C G Insurance Agency  62876797    
Crestmar Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd  62209690    
Darien Investment Life Pte Ltd  62769311    
Chiam Hock Leong Insurance Agency  67323887    
Aik Chong Insurance Agency  63361811    
Harvest Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd  63386288    
CNA International  67359631    
EW Blanch Pte Ltd  62219363    
Ivan Insurance Agency  64400220    
Great City Insurance Agencies (1973) Pte Ltd  62985505    
Capital Insurance Agency Pte Ltd  65369982    
Grandiose Factors Pte Ltd  62877537    
International Insurance Brokers & Consultants (Pte  62967511    
Activate Life Planning Services Pte Ltd  63342008    
Inspacific International (Pte) Ltd  62239069    
Equity Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd  62206471    
Hup Heng Lee Enterprise  62844180    
Chicago Associates  63447777    
Britam Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd  62214802    
Dai-Lchi Life International (S) Pte Ltd  65320780    
Brian Mae Pte Ltd  62243683    
First United Services Pte Ltd  62734578    
Career Enrichment Pte Ltd  68423088    
General & Auto Underwriting Agencies Pte Ltd  62226677    
Bock Tong Chin David  67351230    
Ipp Capital Advisory Pte Ltd  67331533    
JL Low Insurance Agencies  63365392    
K&L Services Agencies  62225806    
CNA Reinsurance Co Ltd  63236007    
D I Insurance Agency  67431220    
Chuan Huat (Pte) Ltd  62963833    
International Insurance Brokers & Consultant Pte L  62967511    
Cologne Reinsurance Co Pte Ltd  64387990    
James Tan Associates  63444449    
Great Easten Life  93833783    
Jet Agency Pte Ltd  63333020    
Eastern United S & W Agency  62922281    
Gamini Associates Agency Pte Ltd  63346379    
Apex Life Planning Services  67475856    
Hup Teck Agency  62888396    
Insco Marketing  62230323    
Elpis Associates Pte Ltd  62274244    
Daverie Agency Pte Ltd  62872718    
Insurance Corpn Of S'pore Ltd  62218686    
Finanical Security Assurance Inc  63336968    
Harsons Agencies  63386426    
Fairbilt International Pte Ltd  62922280    
Holm Agencies Pte Ltd  67379928    
Jimmy Hong Agency Pte Ltd  62765737    
Dennis Associates Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd  62242722    
Fenella Tang & Associates Pte Ltd  62706508    
HKG Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd  64572232    
Inslink Agency  62833982    
Insurworld Agency  63457846    
Abdul Wahab b Mohd Mattar  62732116    
David Wong Management Services  62788836    
International Broking Services Pte Ltd  62558133    
Equatorial Associates & Co (S) Pte Ltd  64813105    
Insuremaster Agency  63580921    
JC Planners Pte Ltd  62734843    
Business & Career Re-Organisation Pte Ltd  62727801    
Chng Service Agency  63363395    
Cogent Reinsurance Brokers Asia Pte Ltd  65387818    
Francis Associates Pte Ltd  62933501    
Hoh Keow Teng Insurance Agency  65642971    
Gin Huat Chuan Enterprise  62925502    
HYD Power Insurance Agency Pte Ltd  62922957    
In Agency Services  64496608    
Adrian Chong & Associates  62769916    
Grand Enterprises & Partners  67471145    
General Link Agency  68732345    
Insurcom II  67919167    
Arthur Boo Insurance Agency  67328002    
Eminence Agency Pte Ltd  62762042    
Hong Enterprise Pte Ltd  65363077    
Bridge Associates Pte Ltd  62730515    
CTS Associates Pte Ltd  62766120    
Affinity Planners  63233108    
Great City Insurance Brokers (1978) Pte Ltd  62969342    
DL Dains & Associates  68414384    
High Gate & Associates  65369885    
Equitable Pte Ltd  62769238    
Infinity Auto  63444108    
Inscope Agency Pte Ltd  64472281    
Ever-Gro Insurance Agency  64416282    
Japco Insurance Agency  63565330    
Alrisk Agency Pte Ltd  63487751    
Insurcom Enterprise  67937332    
Chuan Ee Enterprise  62970538    
JC TeamFusion Agency  62761769    
Agatha Yeo & Associates  63458966    
Jin Loy Enterprises Co  62258235    
Fine-Service Agency Pte Ltd  62992288    
Hiramoti  63381620    
Jeyeraman Parasuraman  62763613    
Dynamic Insurance Agency  68418575    
Distinctive Agency  67855655    
DTA Risk & Resource Management Pte Ltd  63340828    
E & L Business Auto  63442218    
E C Orient Enterprise  68814757    
Essential Link  63230318    
David Pak Agencies (Pte) Ltd  64404201    
Danny Teo Agencies  62214779    
Eternity Agency  62763747    
C & M Associates  67487357    
CF Associated Agencies  67441575    
Convenient Insurance Agency  67491761    
Credit Insurance Assn (S) Pte Ltd  64681004    
Central Reinsurance Corpn  62203613    
Bestlink Agency  67887408    
Coverage Concepts  67486226    
Breakthrought Agency Pte Ltd  62755088    
Bobby Boon Agencies Pte Ltd  62728300    
Chicago Credit Pte Ltd  63489909    
Community Insurance Agency  64405941    
Credit Success Corpn  62212036    
Actimek (S) Pte Ltd  63583136    
Bond Enterprises  65369808    

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